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GP Series

The World's Most User-Friendly Industrial Balance
::: Water & Dust Proof IP-65/NEMA4 Compliant ::: Internal Calibration ::: Data Memory :::


Water & Dust Proof IP-65/NEMA4 Compliant
GLP/GMP/ISO Compliant
Standard RS-232C Interface
ID Number
Density determination
HI, OK, LO Indicator
Accumulation of weighing results
Internal Calibration
Display Auto Power OFF
Auto Power ON
Data Memory
Time & Date
Auto Self Checking
Optional Under hook
Interval Time Setting
Auto Re-Zero
Large Stainless Steel Weighing Pan
Multiple Weighing Units & Programmable Unit
Smart Range*
Bundled with A&D's new  WinCT Software



Model Capacity Resolution Pan Size(mm)
W x D
GP-12K 12kg 0.1g 384 x 344
GP-20K 21kg 0.1g
GP-30K 31kg 0.1 g
GP-30KS (separate) 31kg 0.1 g
GP-32K 31kg / 6.1kg 1/0.1g(smart range)*
GP-32KS (separate) 31kg / 6.1kg 1/0.1g(smart range)*
GP-40K 41kg 0.5g
GP-60K 61kg 1g
GP-60KS (separate) 61kg 1g
GP-61K 61kg 0.1g
GP-61KS (separate) 61kg 0.1g
GP-100K 101kg 1g 386 x 346
GP-100KS (separate) 101kg 1g
GP102K 101kg / 61kg 10/1g (smart range)*

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