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The AD-8920 is a remote display exclusively designed for A&D's electronic balances and scales.

With this unit, weighing values can be viewed in a remote area by connecting a communication cable with either a D-Sub25 pin or with a DIN connector from our balances.


Display: 7-digit VFD, Character Height - 13mm
Output from balance: RS-232C or Current Loop (AD8920-01 required)
Baud Rate: 600 bps/2400 bps
Display Refresh Rate: Approximately 10 times/sec. (at 2400 baud transfer)
Dimensions: 120 (W) X 90 (H) X 76 (D) mm
Weight: Approximately 220 g


List of Applicable products and additional items required for connection

Product Series Cable/Option for RS-232C Cable/Option for Current Loop
GH, HR-i, FX-i AX-KO2377-100 Not Applicable
GR Not Required Not Applicable
HR-60/120/200 HR-03 HR-03/HR-05 + AD8920-01
GX/GF Not Required GX-04/GX-06 + AD8920-01
GX-K/GF-K Not Required GX-04K/GX-06K + AD8920-01
AD4212A Not Required Not Applicable
GP Not Required GP-04/GP-06 + AD8920-01
EK-i/EW-i AX-KO2377-100 Not Applicable
FC-Si/FC-i AX-KO2377-100 Not Applicable
HV-G/HW-G, HV-WP/HW-WP HVW-03G + AD8920-01 Not Applicable
FG-KL/M FG-23 + AD8920-01 Not Applicable
HC-i HC-03i + AD8920-01 Not Applicable

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