AND / AD-4530 Digital Weighing Indicator

  • Suitable for measurement of load, preasure, torque, tension and more.
  • Digital span calibration without a mass is possibble.
  • Zero correction value can be store.
  • Various output options are available.

 Low cost digital indicator for various applications. Suitable for measurement of load, pressure, torque, tension 
    and more at an affordable price. 
 Digital Zero (DZ) stores zero data at any measurement point. This function can also be used to tare weight. 
    Measurement can simply be restarted when it was interrupted by a loss of power. 
 Power on zero function adjusts to zero when the power is turned on. 
 Digital filter provides stable measurement results. 
 Digital span calibration. Easy calibration just by inputting the rated output of a sensor. No need to use a mass. 
 Unit characters – Up to five alphanumeric characters can be added to serial output. 
 Comparator function displays and outputs HI, OK and LO according to upper and lower limit settings. Hysterisis 
    width and time can be set to prevent chattering on the output terminal. This reduces load on the relay circuit. 
 Hold function. Selectable from sample hold, peak hold, bottom hold and bipolar peak hold. The peak hold 
    function allows the user to capture the peak value and easily obtain the maximum value of a destruction test 
    or tightening torque. 
 Latch function holds display value/comparator (optional)/analog output (optional)/serial output (optional) 
    corresponding to external latch input. 
 Various data output (optional). Necessary data can be easily obtained using optional comparator relay output, 
    serial output (RS-485/RS-232C), D/A voltage output and D/A current output. 

AD4530-200 – Relay output 
AD4530-030 – RS485 
AD4530-040 – RS-232C input/output 
AD4530-007 – D/A analog output 
AD4530-237 – Relay output, RS485 and D/A analog output
AD4530-247 – Relay output, RS232C and D/A analog output 
*The options above cannot be used at the same time.