AND / FG-Series Bench Scale


FG-K Series combines fast response time and rock-solid durability in an easy to use package. Three user selectable display readings let you choose the resolution needed for the job. Additional weighing modes include parts counting and HI/OK/LOW comparator function for checkweighing. Weighs in lb, kg, oz.

 High-speed weighing with 1-second stabilization
 Display unit either on a column (FG-KAM/KAL) or attached directly to the platform (FG-KBM)
 Washable and hygienic stainless steel weighing pan in two sizes
 Three selectable weighing resolutions
 Counting mode function 
 Comparator function
 Two types of power supply: AC adapter or normal batteries
 Auto power off function
 Status indicators (stable, zero, and net)
 Adjustable response characteristics
 Adjustable display angle
 Detachable display unit

ModelCapacityResolutionPan Size (mm) 
W x D
FG-30KAM / FG-30KBM30 kg0.01 / 0.005 / 0.002 kg300 x 380
FG-60KAM / FG-60KBM60 kg0.02 / 0.01 / 0.005 kg
FG150KAM / FG-150KBM150kg0.05 / 0.02 / 0.01 kg
FG-60KAL60 kg0.02 / 0.01 / 0.005 kg390 x 530
FG-150KAL150kg0.05 / 0.02 / 0.01 kg