AND / LCB03 Single Point Loadcell



 Ultra compact design –Just 13 cm in length 
 Adjusted for 4 corner loads 
 Moisture proof 
 Wide model selection -8 models


CapacityModel No.CAD File
LCB03M Series
3 kgfLCB03K003MCAD Download
6 kgfLCB03K006M
10 kgfLCB03K010M
15 kgfLCB03K015M
20 kgfLCB03K020M


Rated capacities3 kgf, 6 kgf, 10 kgf, 15 kfg, 20 kfg, 25 kgf, 30 kgf, 35 kgf
Rated output2 mV/V±10%
Safe overload150% of R.C.
Maximum overload200% of R.C.
Combined error0.02% of R.O.
Repeatability0.02% of R.O.
Creep0.02% of R.O.(30 min)
Maximum excitation voltageDC15 V
Zero balance±5% of R.O.
Input terminal resistance420 ± 30 Ω
Output terminal resistance350 ± 5 Ω
Insulation resistanceGreater than 2000 MΩ
Operating temperature-10 °C to 40 °C
Temperature effectZero0.023% of R.O./10 °C
Span0.014% of Load/10 °C Typ.
Cable diameter/Lengthφ3.5/0.4 m